Company information

The Association of the Hungarian Medical Device Manufacturers was founded in 1994. Its members -mainly Hungarian-owned companies- manufacturers and suppliers work on the medical field.

Presently the number of members is 52.

The Association's main tasks and goals are the following:

We initiate, coordinate and organize the concerted presence in those questions which might arise in the enforcement of the members' interest as follows:

- Representation of the professional interests at the authorities
- Settlement of the information and prognostic systems into operation assisting the sector's general interests
- General and unique connection maintenance towards mass communications
- Putting the Hungarian medical devices' good quality into common knowledge furthermore lobby activities on every possible forum in order to enforce the Hungarian companies' interests
- Continuous and long-term co-operation and connection keeping with corporate and/or other professional organizations working in the sector

The Association provides its members with the current information

- On the Association's website we release the important information for our members, moreover the tender and competition possibilities
- In every quarter year we organize meeting on which we discuss some current subjects with an expert speaker, in the meantime we provide an opportunity to our members to introduce themselves.

The Association helps to enlarge its members' international relations and organizes international programs.

The companies, participating in the Association's activity have significant market share in the field of medical devices, hospital equipment, laboratory accessories, materials and therapy devices.


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